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A review: Moon Full Of Moons by @SongsOfKat with a reading by @jasbrai

July 5, 2015


A review and a reading of my book! Please read and listen! I’m honored and touched by this.

Originally posted on Panoply of Life:

I’m holding in my hand something new that feels old. You might have found it in an airport in 1962 or a bookstore in 1955. It’s easy to imagine Don Draper gifting it to someone, but it’s from 2015 even if it internally reveals little or no clues to modernity.

Moon Full of Moons by Kat Lehmann holds echoes of the confessional poetry of Plath or Sexton and a lot of the magic of cummings. She writes breathless love poems to her children and the moon, rivers and trees. The cycle of moon phases is a recurrent theme, almost to the point of being a narrative but this is poetry and you are welcomed into, rather than pulled along by, a growing knowledge of what she’s up to here.

She’s unfolding a path to recovery from loss of her beloved mother. She’s reveling in every moment of discovery her children…

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Thought for the New Moon

June 15, 2015

(Thoughts of hope and renewal during difficult times. From the introduction of my book.)
mfom-new moonintro

My Moment as a Sun (Skylark Tanka)

June 7, 2015

if each raindrop
has a river in it
why can’t I remember
my moment
as a sun?

published in Skylark 3:1 (Summer 2015)

…just added to the published Poems page!
(The below Sun wall hanging is my creation as well: hand-built stoneware clay.)

my sunface

positive power

June 5, 2015

Focusing on peacefulness and kindness can feel powerful, almost defiant, in a challenging situation. After all, it is a conscious decision not to let circumstances affect us so deeply that we forget who we truly are.

The choice to stay positive can feel liberating, like a bird soaring above the noise.

It can feel cathartic to delineate between what belongs to you and what does not. Accept what is yours and let the rest of it wash away. It was never yours to own.

It is healing to watch good energy layer over negative sparks.

The commitment to positivity reaffirms our values. Kindness and peacefulness will persevere against the opposition, as these things are unchallengeable, like the sunshine swallowing the shadows.

the love that keeps loving

May 28, 2015

It’s not enough to love. There is no “I love” as a singular declaration. Love is not contained within a moment or a day. Love is threaded with timelessness.

You have to keep loving. Love may involve turning away, accepting, re-creating love’s moment, and then turning towards one another to love again. Do not worry if your love wants to go for a walk. No need to follow it. Love knows the way home.

Do not think your love is lazy. Your love just knows how far it has to go.

Love is dynamic and evolving. Love is a process. Love is a story with a “once upon a time”, but is more “happily ever finding” than “happily ever after”.

It is the heart’s continual decision to keep loving that loves.

flowergirl and mommy

I used to receive moons…

May 25, 2015

People used to send me photos of the Moon. I would write imaginative tweets about riding the Crescent Moon or express my disappointment that a glorious Full Moon was hidden behind clouds. I would smile and smile as lovely moon photos were sent to my timeline. We enjoyed the Moon together, united under the same sky.

Now that my book is out, I receive photos of Moon Full of Moons in people’s homes. I didn’t think anything could be better than receiving a photo of the Moon as a random act of kindness, but this is very special. The book release felt a bit like sending children into the world. The MFOM photos were like postcards home that shared each child’s new life. I’ve collated a few below. Look at the wonderful lives they are leading!

Gratitude to those who are reading the book and those who sent a postcard home! My heart is happy in the completion of the circle. Thank you for completing it!

mfom collage-May2015


Acorn haiku / senryu

May 21, 2015

the deception
of sky ceiling…
this nagging self-doubt

-Kat Lehmann

published in Acorn No. 34 (Spring 2015)
This poem has been added to my poetry page

sun breaking through the clouds


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