We caused the hurricane (sorry)

Tonight was going to be the first anniversary that we would have gone out on an actual, bona fide DATE since our son was born five and a half years ago (six years if you count the year I was pregnant and couldn’t have wine). Our anniversary was this last Wednesday. Eight years married.

Since our son was born, we have not had a date until about four months after our anniversary. Around Christmas time the kids’ pseudo-grandparents would say to us, “Why don’t you bring the kids over to our house for a few hours and go out for dinner?”, to which we would enthusiastically say, “YES, please!”. This was to be the first time in five years that we would have a date for our anniversary on our own terms, on our own time frame. We had a babysitter whom we trusted. We had plans to go out for four hours, which seemed incredibly decadent to us. It seemed that we had finally figured out the balance between having kids and having special time for just us. We had arrived.

Mother Nature was not pleased. She answered with a freak earthquake, then followed it up with a threatening, “historic” hurricane that would pummel New England in a way that had not been experienced before. Or something. We and others started making preparations. Some started evacuating. Not surprisingly, the babysitter has canceled. I do not blame her at all. I blame us and I blame Mother Nature’s sometimes twisted sense of humor. She has made us to go without for another year.

To everyone else who is dealing with the freak earthquake and hurricane, we are truly sorry. We didn’t know.

ps: I’m not making light of the true tragedy of the situation, which I know is real for many. It might even be real for us. Humor is how I deal with these things, m’kay? Also, I’m not entirely kidding that it totally feels like the cosmos is somehow against us having a date within months of our anniversary. Not. Fair.

2 thoughts on “We caused the hurricane (sorry)

    1. Thanks. Mostly, we’re just praying that everyone is ok. Our inability to have a date any time near our anniversary is reaching cosmic joke proportions, however!

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