Baby signs needed

Flowergirl is 13 months old and has learned the power of baby sign language, signing “more” during meals. She waves bye-bye and sometimes even adds a “buh-buh”. She blows kisses (my favorite). She likes to communicate with us, but doesn’t always tell us the things that would be most useful to know. This made me think of baby signs that there SHOULD be. Some examples are below. Feel free to add others in the comments!

Baby signs that are needed:

“Don’t bother trying to start working on something else; I’m not really going to nap.”

“I’m not finished pooping yet. Wait five minutes to change me.”

“None of your tricks are going to pull me out of my tantrum this time.”

“Don’t waste your time making plans. I’m going to thwart them all.”

“If you put it in my mouth, I will bite it. Hard.”

“Get your camera. I’m about to do the cutest thing ever. Once.”

3 thoughts on “Baby signs needed

  1. Ha! These are perfect, especially the last one! I would like to add “Save yourself the trouble of preparing that nice meal because I won’t eat it”. :)

    1. Good one! Yes, they never eat the meals that you put a lot of time an effort into! Neither of mine ever ate baby food that I made, no matter what I tried.

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