The Cosmos Is Laughing…

…or so I imagine it. I am in a phase of losing things. And I don’t mean the car key (although I have lost that too). Big things. Big things that thankfully do not affect our health or safety, but still pretty big losses that are disrupting my life.

* Due to Irene, we lost our power and running water for six days (Aug 28 – Sept 2).

* A few days later, we mysteriously lost internet and our landline phone for five days (Sept 8-12).

* The day after our internet returned, my (non-moving) car was side-swiped by a tour bus. Everyone is fine but now I will likely need to have a rental for several days while my car is repaired, if they decide that it’s worth repairing it at all (Sept 13).

* In addition to the above, my XM radio receiver stopped working, we lost all of our food during the prolonged blackout, the garden has largely failed this year, and, and…*sigh*

I’ve had a good attitude about all of these losses so far, but I’ve had enough with being the punchline of a cosmic joke. Uncle. Can I have my old life back now, please? Still, I hold to the realization that none of these things are more than inconveniences and headaches. No one is really hurt. Truly, we are all fine, and for that, I’ll take it.

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