Fun with Sunboy, Fun with Flowergirl, and Fun Together as a Family

My five-year old, Sunboy, had a day off from kindergarten. Since Flowergirl has been born, it’s rare that we have much time alone with him. My husband spent the morning with him. I spent the afternoon with him. And. We. Had. Fun.

First, my husband took him to the Natural History Museum, known at our house as “The Dinosaur Museum”. The Dinosaur Museum had a special exhibit on insects, including large-scale models of insects and a couple of live colonies… the mosquito colony had the below sign, indicating that there is an entomologist who is highly decided to his or her job (the last sentence of the first paragraph indicates that the mosquitoes feed from their curator):

Next, we met to have lunch at one of the clusters of street carts in the nearby small city. At that point, Sunboy’s Daddy Day became a Mommy Day. What did we do? We went to the movies to watch Lion King, which was only playing in 3D. Sunboy lost his 3D glasses halfway through, so I gave him mine.

[LION KING SPOILER ALERT IN THE NEXT SENTENCE] I was amazed at how violent and upsetting some parts of the Lion King were: death of a father, battle with the uncle, etc. I’ve never seen the Lion King before so I wish I’d have known, but Sunboy seemed okay with it. [SPOILER ALERT END]

I asked him what he wanted to do next. He suggested that we go bowling. So, we donned pairs of shoes worn by countless others, and we rolled balls into pins. The bowling alley had a ramp for little bowlers, which is something I hadn’t seen before. He was more excited about bowling than perhaps anyone has been excited about bowling in the history of bowling. Jumping-up-and-down excited. Posing-with-the-ball excited. Begging-to-take-my-turn excited.

The day made me remember what a fun age five years old really is.

When the opportunity presented, I had a little outing with Flowergirl while her brother was in school. We went to the beach. We were the only ones there.

Flowergirl led the way.

We had a great time just being together.

Flowergirl had fun swinging at the beach playground with a shell that she found.

The day made me remember what a fun a young toddler really is.

I want us to have more Mommy Days and Daddy Days with our children. Of course, my husband and I still need special time alone with each other, as we are the glue that holds our crazy lives together. I’m starting to remember why this doesn’t happen as often as we’d like, but we will try to do it sometimes. Does anyone make this work? Then again, sometimes the best times are when we’re all together as a family, doing things we can all enjoy.

So, we meandered through a corn maze.

2 thoughts on “Fun with Sunboy, Fun with Flowergirl, and Fun Together as a Family

    1. Thank you for reading my post, Natasha, and for the lovely comment. It’s a wonderful re-discovery when we can focus entirely on one child for a day and let them lead us where they want to go.

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