Five Things About Me

Five completely random things about me. Hopefully this is not as boring as it sounds.

1. I can move my pinky toes independently from the rest of my toes. I taught myself how to do this by staring at my toes for hours as a child until I figured out how to move them.

Determination + Boredom = Great Things.

2. Until we bought our house a few years ago, I had lived in  apartments my entire life except for the ages between four and six years old. Having a house of my own is a dream come true.

3. When designing or arranging items, I don’t like a symmetrical or perfectly aligned motif. I prefer things to be arranged in a way that is asymmetric and shares a complementary but balanced relationship. I find symmetry to be generally uninteresting. This makes my husband bonkers.

4. I can fly or sink into a wall and become a part of that wall in my dreams. I developed these abilities as a child after too many nightmares.

5. I used to have a corkscrew in my car for wine emergencies. I once saved a friend’s outdoor wedding reception with my emergency corkscrew because they had forgotten to bring one. I love the idea of a wine emergency, and find it telling that I do not currently have an emergency corkscrew in my car.

{Update: I have decided to correct this, and have an emergency corkscrew in my car again. You never know when you will have a wine emergency!}

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