2 thoughts on “Scenes From A Summer Harvest

  1. LOL! I love the first picture…SO GOOD! Also? SO CUTE AND FUNNY!

    Blueberries! Yummah!

    Have I mentioned that I hate cucumbers? And that we don’t grow them anymore. And everyone likes to blame it on me. But I’m okay with that – because I’m pretty sure they’re the most disgusting thing that has ever existed :P

    Love the photos :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, he seems a bit bewildered by the large cabbage! Sadly, the other cabbages were eaten by something before we got to them so this was the only one we harvested. It was good though!
      I don’t like cucumbers either, but Sunboy loves pickles so I made most of them into pickles!
      The root, by the way, is horseradish!

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