Collaborative Twitter Poem: Morning

The following is a collaborative poem arranged from tweets! I wrote “Mornings are soft, washed in gray” in a dreary, half-awake state and others spontaneously responded by adding a line to the poem. I loved the idea of a collaborative poem and so I opened it up to others. No one knew what the final poem would be (including me) until I arranged the lines here. Citations for the lines are numbered and shown below. The result is wonderful:

Sprinkled with cool breeze and crisp leaves 1
Mornings are soft, washed in gray 2
Easy smiles for the beams that the bright sun weaves 1
With shadowy highlights 3

Once the day starts, there’s no going back… 4
Coffee flows like a waterfall to wash away fatigue
And leave a clear path for tired eyes. 5

Peaceful and quiet as dawn brings the day. 6
Savor now. Now, while priceless time lingers,
Reflect on the blessings and potential of today. 7

1 @daydreaminfool
2 @BeingMama
3 @moderatelysane
4 @lifewithpants
5 @ZumbaMamma
6 @myrandomology
7 @redbirdie

6 thoughts on “Collaborative Twitter Poem: Morning

    1. I definitely plan on doing this again. I enjoyed reading everyone’s impressions and then assembling them to create groupings of similar thoughts and rhythms. So much fun to do and I love the result. This has also made me think more about what a poem is – is it one person’s cohesive ideas or the impressions of many? I say, it can be both.

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