Vampires Versus Zombies (a dreadful poem)

A vampire was a person
Who shared blood with their sire
Now eats from the jugular
In their nocturnal lifestyle

A zombie was a person too
Re-animated by virus
They cause apocalypses and
Pre-industrial wilderness

A vampire makes a meal of blood
A zombie dines on brains and flesh
One is sexy, deep and brooding
The other is a lurching pest

Vampires roam for eons
And can be lightening fast
Zombies can be quick or slow
And are not built to last

Vamps have no reflection
They do not need a mirror
Zombies can use mirrors
To make their grossness clearer

Crosses, garlic, sunlight, staking
Rid vampires who’re a nuisance
Zombies need their brain destroyed
To counter their resilience

Undead blood can be infectious
Both were humans, like you
If you are bitten, scratched or clawed
You could be one too!

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