The Absent-Minded Non-Professor

A warning light came on in my car, and my husband told me what the particular icon signified. “It just means that the tire pressure is low because of the colder weather. You know, PV=nRT.” For those wondering what it’s like to live with two scientists, there is your example. I immediately understood his explanation, and was relieved of any worries.

Earlier in the conversation, I had explained to him that the icon in question was “to the right of the speed gauge” as I emailed him a photo of the car’s console. He replied, “You mean to the left of the gauge?”. Um, yes, the left. I have always confused right and left. He was correct, the lighted warning light was to the left.

I’ve often wondered what kind of person confuses right and left, and yet understands the Ideal Gas Law and things that take years to learn. I’ve been trying to remember right and left for my entire life and still confuse them. I’m like an absent-minded professor, only not a professor. I deviated from that path years ago. Where is there a place for someone like me?

2 thoughts on “The Absent-Minded Non-Professor

  1. lol — I can never remember right or left either. Luckily (?), I broke my left arm when I was 10, and it doesn’t bend all the way up. Since then, whenever I have to decide right or left, I bend the arm in question and see if it works. Love your blog Kat!

    1. Love it! I used to remind myself that I am right-handed, so all I had to do is remember my dominant hand to know which was right. But then I could never tell which was my dominant hand and soon realized I am actually somewhat ambidextrous… O_o

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