Weathering the Storm With Children (Again)

We are in the midst of our third extended power and/or heat outage in 2011. I discussed how we survived one of these outages here.

In another incident, our furnace broke during the winter’s worst snowstorm, in February. Replacing the furnace took five days. We survived that storm by keeping warm with a fire in the fireplace and with space heaters. Space heaters were possible because we still had electricity. Still, on the coldest night of the storm, I stayed awake held my children against me to make sure that they kept warm as they slept.

The current outage we are surviving is a general blackout with more homes affected than Hurricane Irene. We don’t have electricity to run space heaters and our little fireplace isn’t sufficient to heat the house without space heaters to supplement. I have only one suggestion for surviving a storm like this:

1. Buy a generator.

Any questions?

2 thoughts on “Weathering the Storm With Children (Again)

  1. I feel your pain. I’m sorry your out of heat! If you can block off the room w the fireplace w blankets. I’m thankful we have propain so although no electricity we can stay warm. Hope you get power back soon!

    1. Thanks, Sarah, and I hope that you get your power turned on soon too! Ours came on last night, so three days for us this time. That makes 14 days so far for us this year. We did try the blanket trick and it helped somewhat, although we quickly found that our little fireplace was just too small to effectively heat our house. Stay warm!

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