Ode to A Circular Cereal

Within you is held the summation of toddler desire
The object of repeated gesturing for “more” by tiny hands
You curl upon yourself into infinity
Endless circle, endless desire

Modeling nature’s strongest shape
You reflect the agelessness of planets
The completion of all things in each other
The unity of life

Along your circumference of fortification co-factors
New fingers grasp you at a tangent
As gums mash you across your radius
Liberating arcs of pleasure

Like the useful emptiness
Of a Tao Te Ching clay vessel
Your Fullness and hollowness are quickly devoured
You satisfy both.

2 thoughts on “Ode to A Circular Cereal

  1. and I thought it was only us who have a special place in our lives for O’s

    You both satisfy

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