Two years sliced into 140 characters

There is beauty in the willingness to see beauty wherever it is found. The harder it is to find, the more beautiful the will.

Unique snowflakes are uniformly meeting their fate and turning into liquid as they unindividualistically hit the ground.

Sand smoothed into transparent liquid, separating me from the sun, the breeze. Slowly sinking in its sheet. #glass

We told our son that kindergarten would start “after the goldenrod blooms”. Does that make us hippie parents or parents from 200 yrs ago?

Exhaling a cloud / The crunch under morning boots / Winter’s last poem #haiku

Twinkle twinkle little ass / Tell me how you got so vast / Make me eat a slice of pie / You are in cahoots with Thigh

Did anyone get the number of the 4 year old that ran me over? He was last seen with an accomplice who is 15 pounds, 2 feet tall. #zzzzz

Dear Baby Girl: You are not a little chick; I am not an egg. Please stop trying to break through my side.That is not the way out anyway xoxo

All I want for Christmas is for Sunboy to draw me a picture of the tree, moon and cloud that he said Santa was going to bring me. (he did)

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