Of Love

Sure, sometimes love is a celebration, particularly when love is new or when we lift our heads up and see love staring at us right there. It’s just that sometimes love doesn’t look like what we think it will.

Sometimes love seems boring. Sometimes love is the steady thing when the rest of life strobes around us in bright lights.

Sometimes love is a buoy. It’s okay. We all need a buoy sometimes and it’s better that it’s love holding us up than something unsavory.

Love is nearly always slow and steady like the tortoise while fast rabbits hop around chasing carrots.

Love is not perfect but gives it all. Love doesn’t hold anything back.

While fighting the fire-breathing dragon, love is what is helping you while everyone else runs away.

Love is forgiving like a cat. Or if you prefer, like a dog. Only more so, because love knowingly clears the slate, keeping no record, arms open wide.

Love quietly goes without when necessary, but love rejoices in abundance. Love clinks the glasses.

Sometimes love is water over stone, patiently wearing away our rough edges bit by bit. Love sculpts us in its image, makes us rounder and smoother. Love changes us if we let it.

Love has the stamina to outlast any obstacle, distance or exhaustion. Love wins the race. Actually, love does everything it can to see that you win the race together.

Love is unexpected and ironic. Love is long-lived and sees beyond the daily noise of liking or disliking of what someone does and says. Love is the punchline to the joke of life. When we are loved, it is always in spite of ourselves.

Sometimes love is a battlefield. It has been said before. Why is this so? Because love is the only thing worth fighting for.

Love is many things. Love is big. Love has to be that way to wrap its arms around us. Love stretches and snaps back, only maybe to a different place than before.

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