It’s because we have so much

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Punky Mama’s post on feeling simultaneously grateful and not grateful struck a chord with me this week. I knew exactly what she meant. Holidays are lovely – such wonderful memories are made – but holidays are incredibly exhausting. The traveling. The doing a million extra-special things to show people how much they mean to us. The extra effort we put into making special memories for our children, memories that tuck them in as they drift to sleep. It’s all a great deal of work.

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and I am already dreading the work that will go into the rest of the holiday season. It has barely begun and the thought of it makes me feel old. We will bring home two evergreen trees (we plant a live tree at our house each Christmas), decorate them and the house inside and out and put away all of the packaging from that. We will wrap and mail gifts. We will make special food (we make a Swedish wassail every year; no, we are not Swedish). We do extra cleaning, find the Christmas music, make the Christmas cookies and cranberry bread. We make the cats wear Santa hats and take photos of them in the hats (it’s how they pay their annual rent to us). We will set the stage for memories for another holiday season. With so many holiday parties every week, one hardly has a moment to sit down. And it’s so cold that I fantasize about sitting at home in my pajamas more than usual.

As I sigh thinking about everything that will happen in the next month, It’s good to remember the years before I had this chaotic abundance. Much more partying. Much less being the one to orchestrate everyone’s holiday happiness. No need to bring a tree home. A shorter gift list. Cats still in Santa hats (a cat’s rent is always due). More pajamas.

Of course, it’s a trade-off.

I had more time to keep my photo albums updated and properly organized…but less to put in them.

I stayed up late and slept late because I didn’t have young children to wake me up…but I didn’t have the young children to wake me up.

The single lifestyle was tremendously fun and I loved the freedom to celebrate only the facets of holidays that pleased me…but give me chaotic abundance. My life is draining because it is so full.

We’re exhausted because we have so much.

2 thoughts on “It’s because we have so much

  1. It’s so funny and so true..the more you have, the crazier things can become..

    I think you’re right – it’s easier for me right now..because I’m not worried about creating or maintaining that special day for a new generation..and though I do enjoy making the holidays special..I don’t think I feel quite the pressure that I would if I had kids and my own family of that sort..

    I hope you are able to enjoy, to relax and I hope you’re able to take some deep breaths and just revel in the moments that are grown from the organic love and joy the season can bring…

    Love that you recognize how lucky you are and how much you have…makes me smile at the goodness that there still is in the world :)

  2. EXACTLY…………..I am not even thinking about Christmas. The holidays also coincide with a busy season at work for me but heck I have a job LOL. Congrats for having so much. Get some rest. (off to clean while glove style my mother is coming my mother is coming)

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