My mind is a color wheel

Spin a color wheel and the colors will blur to white. White is all colors.

Sometimes my mind feels like blurry vast whiteness, a complete absence of thought. I try to think of a thought to think and my mind is like Antarctica, only without the penguins. White and homogenous like a blanket of new snow. Let me tell you that it’s quite lovely.

It occurs to me that the whiteness might not be the lack of thought, but too much thought, like a spinning color wheel.

Daughter purple, orange Son
Yellow Chores are never done
Husband said he will be red
Cats say they want colors too
Give them lovely shades of blue
Rainbow brilliance follows storm
Green says let’s expand the home
House and Garden, Work and Play
Broad diversions lead astray
Prism splits the morning light
Spectrum Technicolor life

I am enveloped by chromaticity to saturation.

They say that women are good at multitasking, and for me, at least, this is true. Sometimes, we become overwhelmed and falter. Perpetually pestering pigments spin and fade to white in the over-taxed mind. “Can we stop the spinning?” I ask. “Purple and Orange want to play. Red and I would like some quiet. Take a hike, Yellow and Green! Get off the table, Blue!” Thoroughly imbued with hues.

I try to orchestrate the chaos like a conductor, or use it as a palette but I am no van Gogh. The colors use me. They spin and I am the one who blurs.

Perhaps a more peaceful partnership with the pigments is needed. Acknowledge the white vastness. Embrace the spinning. Do the best I can and accept the rest. When the mind needs a few quiet moments to spin, let it…whee!

Spinning on a carousel, up and down, feeling dizzy. Life. It’s best to ride it, wait for a pause in the music and hope things slowly come back into focus.

Realization upon further reflection: In all of the colors above, I didn’t include a color for ME. Well, you say, white is for me. But white isn’t intentional. I really must work on giving myself a color that isn’t spinning into white!

5 thoughts on “My mind is a color wheel

  1. My first thought after reading what all of the colours were was that you didn’t give yourself a colour! Interesting, interesting.

    I love the way you write. I love the way your mind works. So lovely. Makes my mind and soul happy every time that I read something you’ve written… <3

  2. i have been trying to write about colors in a fiction piece that I have been working on. But I am taking a lot of time because I know the concept but I am not able to express it the way you did. Thanks so much for the inspiration.
    I particularly enjoyed this piece

    1. I’m glad I could help to get your thoughts churning in a good way! This took me a little longer than usual to write. I loved the color wheel analogy but as you note colors are not the easiest thing to write about.

  3. Lovely. Perhaps you are a rainbow of all the colors or a prism that allows the colors to form.

  4. Thank you, ladies, for the sweet comments. It wasn’t until I was doing a final read-through that I realized that I had left myself off my list! I’m not as surprised as I should probably be. Like Beth said, perhaps I am in a sense all of the colors. Without me, there isn’t a list because I am the list-maker

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