9 thoughts on “It Says What You Need It To Say

  1. The post I’m reading says that everything I do is enough. It says I’m a good mom, a good wife and a good person. That I can be proud of my accomplishments. What does your post read?

  2. Mine says “you have a clean slate, go be creative and beautiful” :-)

    happy Holidays!

    1. The future always looks a little like this, doesn’t it? :) I love this. Reading the unwritten future.

  3. Mine says it will all be okay, eventually. Be grateful for what you have and smile more. Don’t take life so seriously, stop worrying, laugh often and find a way to be happy – life is too short to do anything else.

    1. Beautiful, Erin. I agree with it all, and yes, I can see now that this is a paragraph I overlooked earlier in my first reading. Don’t take life so seriously and be happy!

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