The Anti-Resolution Change

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. To me, the idea feels like a gimmick to keep a commitment for a difficult life change. If it works for you, then I fully support you in your resolution. But a resolution wouldn’t work for me.

I can’t get past that a resolution uses our method of tracking time as a motivating force for personal change. I suppose if you can make it through a trip around the Sun including all of the seasons then you’ve come far in making a change in your life. I understand the concept, but a New Year’s resolution tethers personal change to something external and impersonal.

Where does the change originate? Is it possible for someone or something else help make a life change?

Those who have read Happiness and Becoming know where I’m heading with this.

Consider this motivation instead: I accept responsibility for my path. I am not relying on someone or a system of measuring time to make changes for me. The change originates within me. The possibility for change was always there. I can discover it and realize it moment by moment.

Isn’t that empowering? We own the changes in our lives. When we succeed, it is our accomplishment.

When we are in the process of becoming the person that we want to be, that is also our doing. We are all Becoming in some ways. Change is hard work; one has to be ready for a particular change. A caterpillar knows when it is time to build its chrysalis. The metamorphosis is Becoming.

If you are not ready for a change, then the change won’t stick, no matter where the Earth lies in relationship to the Sun. Change comes from within, when all of our inner stars align to form the desired constellation. When it happens, it’s beautiful. It’s yours. In your time.

4 thoughts on “The Anti-Resolution Change

  1. A perfectly phrased reminder for us right now. It’s so easy to WISH for change, especially in the salmon-run that occurs at the New Year. OWNING the change… that’s the key.
    Thanks for taking the time to expand and share this….I really needed it, personally.

    1. We can change what we want to change, and know when the time is right to build our chrysalis. Happy new year to you! You know that I believe in you. xo

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