Rising and falling

Nothing stays consistent. Everything moves in waves.

Waves of sleep. Waves of a relationship. Waves of losing things. Waves of difficulties. Waves of gregariousness. Waves of sickness. Waves of passion. Waves of nightmares. Waves of energy. Waves of have. Waves of loss.

I had a wave of people walking in whenever I used a restroom in a restaurant. I would bar the door but strangers would burst in, uninhibited. It lasted for weeks and then stopped. That was a strange wave.

The waves interact. Life’s oscillations travel through space and time and collide, transferring their energy to other waves.

  • A wave of sleeplessness amplifies waves of losing things. Negative waves beget negative waves.
  • Waves of happiness amplify waves of passion and waves of productivity. Positive waves beget positive waves.

When negative waves and positive waves interfere, they cancel.

  • Happiness makes difficult times seem less difficult. Difficulties make happy times less happy.
  • Lack of sleep can inhibit passion, but passion can override lack of sleep. Who needs sleep, anyway?

In nature, waves are influenced by the moon. Waves rise and fall together. High tide, low tide. Everything rises and falls as individual waves crash within the rising and falling. The full moon exaggerates all waves.

In our lives, we carry a piece of the moon inside us. We circle, watching. We reflect our surroundings. What we reflect to the world influences our rising and falling waves. We exaggerate life’s waves, making things seem better or worse as a whole.

One thing that we control when life’s colliding waves feel out of our control? Ourselves.

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