Write My Story

Look at me.
See my home, my town, my country.
See my two children, my husband.
See the color of my skin.
There is gray in my hair, did you see it?
And I rarely wear make-up, but like my toes painted.
Note any associations you may have with my name.
Look at my education, my age, my career, that I work part-time.
You have seen it all before.
The whole story is in front of you.

My life is hard ice, there is nothing beneath.
Pay no attention to the fish swimming deeply.
Make no attempt to break through. Come, pirouette on the surface.

The marquee tells the plot.

Now, write my story.
And I will write yours.

4 thoughts on “Write My Story

  1. Your story is the same as other young, intelligent, driven, responsible women. You have all the ingredients necessary to become a major success that the world crowns with praise and laurels except that you spend some of your time caring for the health and well-being of others. I know you made your choices and accept it and yet…. One can only wonder if…. I know as I look back on my life the only thing that has lasting meaning and joy to me is my daughter and my family. I have a gold 20 year ring from the years spent being successful that I keep in a box somewhere. The big picture is sometimes out of focus.

  2. Kat, this is Natasha. Your face is speaking to me. I read the words, the wonderful song-like quality in them uplifted me…but the story I am listening to is the one your face is telling me. Love…

  3. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am – delightfully so! In my narrow view, this was about putting others into boxes based on superficial attributes. Now that other ideas are woven in, I can see a deeper story. The fish are happily swimming below the ice. It’s a beautiful thing.

    Ironically, my “Interwoven” post written after this one wasn’t inspired by this particular interweaving, but it fits together so well.

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