Sadness Is Written With Pens Of Joy

The Sun feels distant, well beyond reach. The low ceiling of the sky is a weight upon the Earth.
In Winter.
Meanwhile, Winter casts the world as a pristine black and white photograph. A season of simplicity.
Winter is a new summer sleeping, a world with plans.
I tell myself that Winter doesn’t last forever.
Renewal and abundance and colors will come, as surely as Spring follows Winter.

The Earth turns and the windows darken to mirrors, curtaining the house until dawn.
At Night.
Meanwhile, the Night dissolves a sky’s deception to show infinity above, lit by a memory of Sun.
One star is traded for many, as the Night spins us into a dream.
I tell myself that Nighttime is temporary.
Warmth and light and colors will come, as surely as Day follows Night.

The world expresses all emotions at once.
Like Sadness.
Sadness is loss of what was. The story of Sadness is written with pens of Joy. Sadness reads the words and remembers them.
Meanwhile, Sadness lets others remind us of their love.
Sadness is a season. Sadness spins away with our dreams and Joy eventually returns them with the certainty of ink. Surely, it will.
Soon renewal and abundance, warmth and light and colors of living will come…Sadness dissolves like the sky at dusk so Joy can fill us with stars.

Emotions create their own ecology – like seasons and colors do – to create a wholeness.

2 thoughts on “Sadness Is Written With Pens Of Joy

  1. It’s strange how winter is more than a particular temperature or change in the nature around you. I live in sunny California yet I never like the winter. It drags on and I count the weeks for it to be over.

    1. I grew up in the northeastern US, so I understand brutal winters. But during my years living in San Diego, I adjusted to the climate and – like you – found myself feeling cold and hoping the San Diego winter would soon end!

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