Happiness Dandelions

One afternoon when we were outside, Sunboy asked for a bucket to fill with dandelions. Not just any dandelions. Happiness Dandelions.

“I’m picking dandelions to make our family happy, he said. They’re flowers,” Sunboy explains.

“But our family is already happy,” I say.

“More happy.” The wisdom of a child.

I went inside and found a container to collect the Happiness Dandelions. Sunboy was thrilled. Flowergirl quickly joined in. The three of us cleared the hillside of its dandelions.

At one point, the Happiness Dandelions spilled. There was a moment of quiet disappointment, then we started recovering them.  Together.

Being who I am, this got me thinking.

Like building blocks, we’re made to build up happiness and then break it down and reconfigure it as needed. Happiness isn’t a stagnant state of being. Happiness evolves with circumstances, with life.

Happiness can arise when we see weeds as flowers. The perfect imperfections. The rainbow after the rain. The purity of a child’s secret world. The random works of art.

Later that day, there were Dandelions of Happiness all over my house. I kept finding them. Small reminders of happiness, scattered everywhere. Just like every day. Precious, beautiful weeds.

8 thoughts on “Happiness Dandelions

  1. I love this story! Who couldn’t benefit from just a little more happiness? Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Emily, I find that happiness isn’t based on rational things like circumstances, it’s more of a choice. After all, if we waited for things to be perfect enough to make us happy, some of us would be waiting a long time. :) I love the name of your blog. On my way to visit!

  2. Beautiful story! The innocence of childhood captured in moments like this is priceless. ;-)

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment, Malou. Children have their own wisdom, don’t you agree? I find I learn so much from my children and their world. :)

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