Thoughts in the wake

You don’t make a family with the person you marry, you become a family with them. Your spouse is family. It can take years to realize the evolution.

Becoming aware of a danger doesn’t mean the world is more dangerous. Only the awareness of the danger has changed. In fact, one might argue that awareness of a danger only increases safety. I firmly believe that information is good. The question is what to do with the new information. It’s all about categorization and the response.

I love how my husband and I come together in difficult times. We are a force. We don’t say a word but fall into roles according to our strengths.

Becoming aware of a danger can make one feel like building a fortress, but a fortress is not immune to life’s risks. Fortresses can increase vulnerability by separating one from one’s village.

We are spoiling our son. And our daughter. We are lavishing them with special treats, we put everything aside for them, and have more patience with them than ever before. Celebrate today.

Smiling Sunboy and Squirming Flowergirl

It’s best to live and to keep connections with the village strong.

Many rules are unnecessary. Children learn so much through love and example.

Children can easily misinterpret family decisions. Sunboy and I are adding a Clarify category to our nightly Happy and Sad discussion about our day. It’s important to set aside time every day to make sure children understand why we do the things we do. It’s how children learn how adults make decisions.

I’ve been in a fog for several days. Fog feels protective, but the problem with living in a fog is that it doesn’t let sunshine in. Letting in good means letting in bad as well. I’m working to break through the clouds to see what’s there. What’s here in front of me that I’m missing by being in a fog. We can learn from the past and live in the present. This is the way to move forward.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts in the wake

  1. Hope you make it out of the fog soon, Kat. That must have been quite a shock to the system.

    1. Yes, it was. I was the one in the back of the car with him trying to help him on the way to the ER. We’re all healing from the experience. Thank you, Roshan.

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