Things I have learned from my children

    • I’ve remembered how to be thoroughly carefree. Stare at the clouds. Look at the ants. Who’s hand is bigger?
    • I’ve learned how love can be reflected and amplified in another. How children are like flowers that bloom with love.
    • I’ve remembered the fun of forts. Blankets over chairs, hiding from the grown-ups. I hide with them.

  • I’ve learned what unconditional love is. It takes years of socialization for children to learn that they can hurt others. I may not always like what they say or do, but my love is unwavering.
  • I’ve remembered how to giggle.
  • I’ve learned how love can mean going against a person’s wishes. Doctor’s visits. Restricting sweets. Homework. Manners.
  • I’ve remembered how important it is to climb a tree.
  • I’ve learned how love can overcome fear. I quickly removed a tick from Flowergirl’s ear. If the tick had been on me, I would have screamed for my husband to come help me remove it. I put my children’s safety before my own and my children make me brave.
  • I’ve remembered the magic of rivers, beaches and sky.

  • I’ve learned how to be selfless. I give the last piece of cake.
  • I’ve remembered to get caught up in laughing at the silly in the world. Invent silly stories, make silly faces. Speak in a silly voice. Tickle. Roll down the hill.
  • I’ve learned to encourage someone else’s interest when the interest is well outside of my own. Cars, monster trucks and dinosaurs, oh my. I strive for my children to make themselves in their own image, not in mine.
  • I’ve remembered the thrill of everyday discoveries. That simple things are interesting beyond description, so we squeal and laugh with excitement.
  • I’ve learned how sometimes the best thing to do for someone is to walk away for a moment. Queue the tantruming toddler stage left.
  • I’ve remembered how to make simple art just for the fun of it.
  • I’ve learned how to be strong in a new way, to be a pillar of strength for others.
  • I’ve remembered childhood songs long forgotten.
  • I’ve learned the depth of my patience.
  • I’ve remembered how to run barefoot.
  • I’ve learned what it is to be a family, my family. I’ve learned how to create a new place for us.

And what have you learned?

3 thoughts on “Things I have learned from my children

  1. I have learned to not take my life and the life of others for granted. To appreciate laughter and adventure. I have learned to continuously love learning!

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