Flowergirl and the Dance

We went to an Irish festival. I grew up going to music festivals with my dad throughout the summer; bluegrass festivals were my favorite. My husband Orchid and I have many sweet memories of Irish music while we were dating. An Irish band from New York played at our wedding. When we heard there was an Irish festival nearby, it was obvious that we would go.

The festival had Irish jig competitions, sheep herding demonstrations, bouncy rides for the kids and music playing on multiple stages. Sunboy was interested in the rides, but Flowergirl wanted to spend the day dancing. She takes after her mama that way.

Flowergirl leaves her sippy on the floor and gets jiggy to the Irish music

Orchid and Sunboy left us at a music tent while they searched for food. Flowergirl quickly took the lead and before I knew it we were both dancing. I can’t describe the magic of Flowergirl and I dancing together in the middle of the waltzing couples. It felt like we created our own microcosm on the dance floor. I overflowed with love for her as we held hands and danced together to the lively Irish tunes. Then we switched our movements, and I danced alone while she ran in tight circles around me. We understood the other’s movements as we danced, danced, danced.

Video of Flowergirl dancing at the Irish festival. (Sorry – I couldn’t figure out how to get it to show here)

I always thought that some day we will go dancing together. I, who am happy to dance alone if inspired by the music, and my darling girl who loves to dance. The day has arrived long before I thought it would. My happiness bubbles over.

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