Turning boredom into art

The day was hot HOT!

And we felt quite bored

We wanted to frolic

But stay cool indoors

photo toy art

We like to get wiggy –

We like to have fun

But what could we do

That was out of the Sun?

I took out my phone

The camera stood by

Got stacking rings stacked

Then we flung them real high!

It took us awhile

But got what we wanted

Rainbows in the air

Flung, catapulted

A “making of” video is uploaded on the Nurturing and Nature facebook page HERE.

3 thoughts on “Turning boredom into art

  1. I love the art that you created today. I love the creativity you inspired. I love how you push outside the box and aren’t afraid to try again to make it work. I love the memories you created today. I love this. Just love it.

    1. …and I love this comment! :) The best part was the collaborative tone of our experimentation with timing and camera settings, and our empassioned communication while we optimized our process. Makes me even more excited about future collaborations with my 6 year old!

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