I’ve received the Versatile Blogger Award from Anita Menon at Slice of My Lyfe, a lovely recipe and parenting blog that you should visit. Anita always has interesting comments to share here and Nurturing and Nature as well.

Part of the award asks the blogger to share seven random facts about yourself. I thought this would be a fun activity, and, well, show a little versatility. Heh. I decided to incorporate questions from twitter followers. I am also to discuss other bloggers and so I refer you to a recent post where I did this.

The Random Things ~

1. How do you end the day? My husband Orchid and I exchange foot massages every night on the couch, and have done this for as long as I can remember. Years.

When it’s time to go to sleep, I like to be quiet and still enough that I can feel my pulse in my fingers and my feet. I like to focus on the me-ness. I sleep with my head about a foot lower from the top of the bed. Sometimes my toes dangle off the bottom. If I can’t sleep, flipping my orientation so my head is at the bottom of the bed and my feet are at the top of the bed usually puts me to sleep.

2. What smell rushes back the strongest memories for you? I inherited my grandparents’ old grandfather clock. The clock is precious to me; its chimes were an integral part of my childhood. When Hurricane Irene struck last summer, its analog nature allowed us to tell time during our six days without power or running water.

The weights need to be raised once a week to keep the mechanism moving. The inner chamber containing the chains and pendulum retains a scent reminiscent of my grandparents’ house. Or at least it retains its own scent. Instantly, the scent carries me back to weekend sleepovers with my grandparents. I remember waking to the scent of bacon and eggs downstairs, the sound of the vacuum cleaner, and the rustling of the country creatures outside. Lovely memories stored in a clock.

3. What’s your biggest fear? A difficult question, but I think it’s the loss of a certain kind of control, more the fear of being at the mercy of others and being powerless. Example: flying in an airplane makes me anxious because I don’t know how to fly an airplane. I’ve written about this fear and why my instincts fail me when I fly, but it still makes me anxious nonetheless.

4. What is a crazy job you’ve held? My first science job during college was at an environmental impact station. I was a Benthic Macroinvertebrate Sorter, which meant that I counted the number of worms, fingernail clams and other tiny organisms in river samples near nuclear power plants. I learned that there was a mathematical algorithm to convert worm fragments into whole worms in their metrics. I once stayed up all night saving fish caught in the river water intake for one of the nuclear cooling towers.

5. What hobbies have you had? Backpacking (so much backpacking), baton twirling, bead weaving/beadwork, rock climbing (I did this to challenge my fear of heights), gardening, writing and of course pottery. Other random things I’ve enjoyed: canoeing, sea kayaking, mellow horseback riding, archery and oh-yes dancing.

6. Tell me something surprising about your home. We pretty much have The Big Lebowski memorized around here. We like to work a subtle quote into casual conversation with other and see if anyone notices. They don’t.

We haven’t had normal television for seven years. Before this, we had a satellite receiver with the full cable extravaganza. Then we moved 3000 miles and never set up any method for receiving a television signal. A few years ago, we started streaming over the internet, which we do for maybe an hour after the kids are asleep. We watch what we want, if we want to watch anything at all. We avoid commercials and aren’t ambushed by unpleasant images. Life moves a little slower and we have more free time. It’s nice and we recommend it.

7. Some other random thing about yourself? I keep my fingernails very short. I like to feel things with my fingertips. I like to play in nature to me that has a certain tactile requirement.

Thanks again!

3 thoughts on “Versatile

  1. I like your 7th point so much. I can rephrase my annoying habit of biting nails and think of it as something I do so that I can keep my nails short at all times so I have things at my fingertips!!!
    Even I am not fond of watching television but do watch it because sometimes the spouse wants company
    Your craziest job got me thinking.. I havent done anything that crazy in my life.

    Your list just reminded me that I have a wish list to attend to.
    Thanks for the mention and it was lovely to read this post. I got to know so much about you.

    1. Sometimes before I went to the studio I would look down in disgust at my fingernails (nails gouge wet clay) and so would quickly chew them as I walked in to wheelthrow. Priorities.
      So funny – the social dynamic of television, which seems like it shouldn’t be social at all, right?
      I’m intrigued about your list. Write it. :)

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