Happy First Birthday, Nurturing And Nature!

Nurturing and Nature is a year old! She can pull herself to standing and her vocalizations are starting to sound more like words. Everyone is thankful for the latter.

I’ve decided to summarize my first year of blogging by including the first line or two from the first post of every month this past year. I’m thrilled to see that we’ve covered much good ground here.

We met Sunboy and Flowergirl, talked about the magic of childhood and children, spoke of surviving a parent’s mental illness and finding family, discussed motherless mothering, decided to fill our wells with positivity and be happy regardless, mused over trees and rivers and rejoiced over a fine metaphor. I’d like to think that the entries have improved a good deal as I’ve gotten the hang of things here.

As Nurturing and Nature blows out her candles and makes a wish, let’s unwrap the archive:

August 2011: “For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a scientist. My first “experiments” involved combining salt, pepper and water (and sometimes flour) and incubating the concoction under my bed, or in the back of the fridge where my parents wouldn’t find it.” From my first-ever post A Mommy Blog for a Muddy Mama

Sunboy and Flowergirl

September 2011: “
Flowergirl is 13 months old and has learned the power of baby sign language, signing “more” during meals.” From Baby Signs Needed

October 2011: “I have been saying this for years. The truth of these words never fails to amaze me.” From It Takes Coffee To Get Coffee

November 2011: “Small body ~ so New, Perfect, Compact, Complete; Tiny sighs ~ you slowly relax from the day.” From Baby Drifts to Sleep

December 2011: “If I wanted to be miserable, I would have my choice of reasons. Perhaps you could say the same thing.” From Happiness and Becoming (my most popular post)

Airplane the cat hasn’t learned that some obstacles are an illusion

January 2012: “I love sharing ideas about parenting.” From Elements of My Parenting

February 2012: “I feel tired. I am tired. The woman in the mirror confirms this . She returns my gaze and asks, ‘Wow, what happened to you?'” From Mountain

March 2012: “It’s the same boy, I think. Cheekbones, eyes, hair, the same. I hold the tiny hand that exerted your will, much bigger now, my favorite crease of your palm flattened by the growth of years.” From The Baby That Time Grew Up

April 2012: “I want to be like a tree. I want to give back to the Earth what I have borrowed.” From I Want To Be Like A Tree

May 2012: “I love when a book succumbs to being read. Its pages soften, its spine relaxes. It forms itself to me. It knows it’s mine.” From The Sensuality of Reading Books

Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnets of the Portuguese, tabbed

June 2012: “I’ve remembered how to be thoroughly carefree. Stare at the clouds. Look at the ants. Who’s hand is bigger?” from Things I have learned from my children

July 2012: “The day was hot HOT! / And we felt quite bored / We wanted to frolic / But stay cool indoors” from Turning Boredom Into Art

August 2012: “And so a child is born. The child could have been born anywhere in the world, to anyone at all. Anyone could have been charged with raising the child. Perhaps the child was raised in the high mountains. Or in the dry desert. To people who live on boats. To people who live on land.” From A Child Born Anywhere In The World

A sincere thanks to my readers and commenters – both loyal and new – during the last year. Feeling the connection with you in this space is an important part of what makes this so enjoyable. Here’s to another year of sharing. Thanks for reading! I appreciate it very much.

8 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday, Nurturing And Nature!

  1. Your blog has grown and blossomed over this past year. Though I may not always comment (darn phone reading!), I always read and appreciate the beauty and honesty of your posts. Keep it up, my friend!

    1. Thanks, Liz, for helping me celebrate this milestone and for your WP tutoring when N&N was just a twinkle in my eye. :)

  2. Congrats on completing a year of blogging and journalling your thoughts with such sincerity. It has such a fantastic journey and so much of learning has happened along the way. Wishing you more blogging years and wonderful ideas to post.

    1. Thanks, Anita, and for the thoughtful additions to the discussions here this year! I enjoy seeing your name pop up in the comments. :)

  3. Wow! It’s been a year? Congrats, Sis!
    You are the most lovely blogger I know! :)

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