Don’t take a day too seriously

A day can turn on a pin –
Morning like black oil, bridges burning
Leads to retreating to the center of town
To lie on a bed of green grass under a blue blanket sky to consider –
The underside of leaves,
Sunlight streaking through brown branches spaces,
The gift of pine cone from a child,
Two hawks circling in high altitude greeting,
All in the center of the swirling town
Here I lie
To find the center of the hurricane
Only to find that
I am the eye of it, the calm I am seeking.
Emotions are seeds that germinate within.
The seeds cultivated and nurtured
Are the ones that grow.
Above all –
Don’t take a day too seriously.
Each day has a personality.
Best not to make too much of it.
Average them all to see
Where you are.

2 thoughts on “Don’t take a day too seriously

  1. Oh my..

    If words could describe how perfect this is.

    How much I needed to hear it..

    How much I love it.

    How much I love you..

    Then there would be a lot of beautiful words..

    Let me just say…that I love it.

    Thank you.


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