Strength from surviving previous storms

Q: What is in your favor when an impending storm approaches?
A: Your survival through previous storms.

A rug was recently pulled out from under us, a rug that we always knew could be pulled out, but knowing a hypothetical and experiencing a reality are not the same thing. There’s no preparation for life changes. Or is there?

I’ve been surprised by my response since distant thunder turned to rain overhead. The first thing that I noticed was that a calmness came over me. I realized that I had been more nervous in previous months waiting to see which way things would fall than after they actually fell. I’m a firm believer in knowledge being good. The worst place for me to be is wallowing in ignorance. Let me see the limitations, the options, the exits, the possible destinations. Let me catalog and plan. Let me do.

A wave of adrenaline gives a boost to do what needs to be done. The feeling of facing a storm is empowering. I’m ready for the storm not because of any preparations I’ve made; I’m ready for the storm because I am a survivor. I have proven this to myself before, and I will prove it again.

There’s a familiarity to overcoming an obstacle, and that familiarity gives strength. I know how to survive a storm, both literal  and metaphorical. I believe in Orchid and me. Storms don’t last forever, but the strength they bring lasts a lifetime. The only question is what survival will look like on the other side of the storm.

Q: What is the preparation for life changes?

A: Believing in yourself, resilience, innovativeness, creativity, and the strength earned from surviving previous storms.

4 thoughts on “Strength from surviving previous storms

  1. First? Sending you so many hugs.

    I think your life prepares you for obstacles. Sometimes it throws things you don’t want to have to deal with, sometimes it throws things that make life hard…but all of those things that make life hard also show you how much you do have. Sometimes it shows you the important things…among everything.

    You are amazing. You guys are amazing. You guys are an inspiration. You make me think that I too can weather storms.

    My immediate reaction to storms is to run and hide…but some times you have to face them head on…and that can be scary. But I know you will weather this storm and be okay – because as you’ve said and shown time and time again…you have weathered storms, you have survived them – and not only have you survived – you have THRIVED – which is quite a feat in itself. You have overcome so many obstacles and become such an amazing person (people – that goes for both of you) that I know you’ll find your way. There may be changes and adjustments and things happening…but even uncomfortable and uneasy changes can lead to new and better things eventually – things you didn’t even know were there. Think about all of the changes and storms you’ve weathered to get you to the beauty you have in your life now – it’s the perfect example.

    I know you’ll find your way out of this storm, out of whatever choppy water life sends you. And I’ll be holding your hand, sending you hugs, love and anything else you may need while you’re doing it.

    PS – After storms come rainbows. Keep your eye on the rainbow.

  2. Hey — hope everything is OK! ‘m such a worrier sometimes I’m relieved when the storm finally comes — action is better than perpetual planning and fretting.

    Just let us know what time works best for you guys this weekend — it’s definitely been too long! Sending lots of hugs and talk to you soon!

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