Scenes from an Autumn day: hold the mind and wiggle

Hold the mind loosely and wiggle.
Watch words fall on the floor.
Gather them, snap them together into poems.


Where does the water come from? All I know is that a river carries things. It carries my troubles away with fallen leaves.

Trying to let go of things beyond my control. They don’t belong to me.


A change in routine is like a change in paintbrush, changing life from repetitive lines into art.

The world beneath the visible world. The moon behind the clouds. Underground rivers. Dreams. The subconscious. The real world created from hidden forces.


Walking in a forest, sitting on a beach, watching a sunset, contemplating the moon. Returning to nature feels like going home.

We walk along the surface, trusting the planet to hold us close. Only the steam rises. Only birds fly on their own wing.


Even after a leaf goes over a waterfall, it may still be awhile before it hits a rock, she said.

If there’s not enough magic in your day, try dancing with a child or discovering the microcosm in every patch of grass.

The wisdom of toddlers. Dance without inhibition. Make art freely. Look at pretty pictures. Carry a flower. Hug often.

Fix up the home instead of fixing up the house.

The trees slowly give up on the Sun, drop their leaves and wait for a distant Spring.

Trees are experts on the seasons.

Catch the ball by going to where the ball will be, not where the ball is. Progress means getting out of our comfort zone.

Nature makes us feel complete because we are a part of it.

If you’re not true to who you are, you give up hope of finding anyone like you.

Sunlight is a slow-moving gas oozing into the room. Like watching honey drip, covering everything with morning sweetness.


Photos are combined with my @BeingMama entries from the last week.

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