Loving into being

“Love a world into being”

It was part of a prayer. Love a world into being. I sat stunned at the beauty of the phrase.
Love as a force.
Love as a verb.
Self-actualizing love.
Love as a fountainhead.

The big bang of love, springing the universe forth in love’s image, expanding for billions of years. Love.

And all of this can be said of my life. And your life. Much of our lives are loved into being. Friendships. Art. Children. Poetry. Lifework. Dreams. Building and digging and forming and merging. Our lives exhale love, and the surroundings soak it in like growing trees.

Life finds us, but we create the love to fill it. Our love fills our world with our creations of love. We share it with others. A big bang, continuing to expand.

Flowergirl with last flowers of summer

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