Special powers in dreamland

Sunboy: I have bad dreams and I wake up and I can’t tell if I’m awake or asleep and then I look around my room and wonder if there’s anything to be afraid about.

Me: Are you using your special powers?

Sunboy:What special powers?

Me: You know…your special powers when you’re dreaming.

Sunboy: Oh yes! I can become invisible in my dreams. A bad guy tries to get me and is like ‘WHOA! What happened to him?’

Me: That’s great! Have you learned to fly yet?

Sunboy: I’m a great flier.

Me: Good. I like to fly too. Remember to use your special powers and know that there’s really nothing to be afraid about. Dreams are just stories in your head.

Sunboy: Okay, I’ll try.

Me: It’s time to sleep now. Why don’t you close your eyes and finish working on your treehouse by the river with your monkey friend?

Sunboy: Zzzzzz…..

(Sometimes I wish I was my own mother)


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