Poems to a Telescope Moon

We borrowed a telescope,
set our sights sailing —
netted the moon
from tip to tip


Lapping black sea —
I saunter the peninsula
of the crescent moon

crescent moon telescope

I drift through waking dreams,
a sleepless night —
cradling the crescent moon


You will survive
more than you expect —
leaving wisdom
and scars of beauty

crescent moon telescope

these days are darkness
without you


You say you follow me
but I know the truth —
I am captive,
forever your satellite —
the illusion, your charm.


All photos of the moon were taken my by husband Orchid using my smartphone camera, viewed through a telescope lent to us by our pastor/friend.

4 thoughts on “Poems to a Telescope Moon

  1. I am in awe of both the words and pictures – breathtaking.

    1. Thanks! Can you believe he took the photos by holding my phone up to the telescope eyepiece?! I’m amazed. And yes, I think we make a good team, but then I’m biased. :)

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