Sunboy’s Most Rare Contest

Easter eggs to dye

“What are these twigs?” I ask Sunboy. “Can I put these outside?”

“Oh no! That’s my Rare Collection. I’m in a Rare Contest with a friend at school.”

“How do you know if something is rare?” (I love probing these lines of thought with him)

“It’s rare if I don’t see it often,” he replied matter-of-factly. “I dug for some of these.”

I tried not to smile. This was fascinating.

“The second most rare thing is gold rocks,” he continued.

“What’s the most rare?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you when I find it,” he said.

Sunboy dipping Easter egg

Flowergirl dipping Easter eggs

Flowergirl food coloring hand Easter eggs

Tonight Flowergirl asked what we were eating for dinner, while we were eating it. She knew that we were having tortellini but was playing a game. We all joined in.

One said Snails.
One said Cars.
One said Poopy.
One said Toes.
Can you guess who said what?

You will never find a family like us again. We are the most rare. And you are the most rare too. A collection of individuals, a family. I think we found it, more rare than gold. We all won.

Sunboy holding Easter egg

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