From Doing to Being

He said we are human beings
not human doings –
but there’s so many doings these days
a treadmill without end
circling the moon
in its waves
saving myself again and again

When the tides pull back
I can see it –
the bareness of earth
washed clean with the churning and lack
like a birthing
or a respite
calling me, calling me back

Here I find the place:
myself with a moment to be…
I was there all the while
treading to prevail
waiting to trace
a simple circle
that rounds back to me

Poetry linkup with dVerse (prompt: a trip)

30 thoughts on “From Doing to Being

  1. Wonderful images, motion – the treadmill and waves, circle rounding back… I really enjoyed this!

  2. We all need those “moments to be” instead of the constant doing. Way too much doing. I like the third stanza and “waiting to trace a simple circle that rounds back to me.” Tough to remember that with all the distractions. Well done.

    1. Thank you, Jay. This was a good exercise for me not to fuss too much tweaking and seeing where it led me. I love it when words paint you in a corner and the last part writes itself a bit. Thanks for your comment.

  3. nice..there is truth on the beings and doings….we can get so caught up in doing things we miss out on life…i agree..the simple circle that comes back to you is a wonderful close on this…good to see you again…

    1. Good to see you too, Brian! I like the way circling the circle back fell out of this, particularly without giving myself much time to write it. Thanks again.

  4. ah..sometimes we just need that bit of space to find ourselves again in that daily treadmill…we’re beings, not doings..ha..i like…true that

    1. Thanks so much, Bjorn. This was an experiment for me to just write a quick medium-format poem and click the button without massaging it too much. Fun to let go a little.

  5. Human beings, not Human doings, I just adore the image that created in my minds eye.

    1. It’s amazing the things we say without appreciating their literal meaning. Many examples of this, I think. Thank you, Tino.

  6. Don’t we all wish for this, finding and tracing back to ourselves ~ Have a good Sunday ~

  7. Very much like the subtle rhyming and the easy progression of this, which is far from an easy poem–enjoyed it much.

  8. What a wonderful way to start a poem, ” we are human beings, not human doings” …just lovely

    1. Thank you, Heidi, for the kind comment. It’s fun when you can find a good opening hook! Doesn’t always happen.

  9. Saving myself again and again… I love the hope in that, the sense of repetition that becomes the pattern of our days. Lovely.

    1. I think we must keep trying to circle back and save ourselves. The alternative is to be lost to the doings. Thank you, Kelly.

  10. Taking the time to be with one’s self is easier the older one gets…empty nest syndrome is really a positive way to renew and reconnect, making that trip last longer and with more frequency .. smart poem ;)

    1. Thanks, Katy. I adore my family but as an only child who lived alone for many years…I also crave solitude sometimes. It can be hard to reconnect with all the doings!

  11. This poetry resonates so deeply with my experience of life. Doing, doing,doing- when I wish to simply be.

    But it’s not just the message that is so powerful- the poetic artistry, the rhythm, the lyricism- all exquisite.

    Glad that we are connected and sharing our work.


    1. I thought I had responded to this but it seems I responded to you elsewhere instead! Thanks so much, Tom, I’m honored that you think so, and yes, I’m so glad that we’ve connected!

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