Melting spring song

drag sound out of the air
as they fall leaving a world
of quiet. Sound freezes
into snow drifts
as color coalesces to white
like a reverse prism.

(light and sound
return to the origin
of simplicity)

In the spring thaw
the snow releases
droplets of rainbow light
as water seeps deep
to awakening roots and
the sleepy chirps
and rustles fly into the air
like robin song

poetry Open Link Night with dVersepoets

8 thoughts on “Melting spring song

  1. nice…i love the loud hush that comes with the snow…and that same snow feed the new life that brings us spring…and warmth…and beautiful flowers…they all play together…

  2. I specially like the last verse, awakening roots then the sounds of robins in the air ~

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