Lawn diversity

clover lawn diversity

I think I missed the cultural desire for lawn homogeneity.
These chemical-treated lawns, so green,
so unnatural, so wanting. Give me dandelions and clover, moss and
the unnamed green things that draw rabbits
to our lawn. Make me wonder what lives outside my door. Give me
the oxygen of trees and volunteer growth. Let this place
find the forest again.

Flowergirl in the buttercups

12 thoughts on “Lawn diversity

  1. let this place be a forest again…i like that…i love nature…if i could get away with just letting it go untamed i would…ha…i love dandelions as well…smiles.

    1. My favorite are the buttercups, which is what my daughter is investigating in the photo. Thanks for stopping by, Brian!

  2. Manicured lawns are fine & costly ~ The forest and the wild garden are nature’s perfect gifts ~

    1. I agree that we can’t improve on nature’s garden. Besides, we have kids that play in the lawn so we like to avoid chemicals. Thanks for visiting, Grace!

  3. ha… I think I missed the cultural desire for lawn homogeneity as well… love me a wild, natural lawn.. i prefer it to these artificial ones any day..

    1. I think sometimes a lawn becomes conceptualized as a carpet, when to me it’s much nicer being a little more wild, as you say. Thanks for visiting, Claudia!

    1. We have only one neighbor, really. The photos are from our “mowed” areas, which are still rather wild and diverse. We also have thicket, wetlands/river and a little forest so there’s plenty of wildlife. I’m pretty sure we had bear prints a few winters ago!

  4. Lovely poem! My husband years for a flat manicured lawn, but we live on a hill, and it is not very lawn-friendly. This makes me very happy, but I try not to gloat.

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