Sunboy’s photo art

Seven-year old Sunboy found the photo editor on my phone. I didn’t realize my phone had a photo editor until the below images started to accumulate in a new file. It’s interesting to note the subjects that are of interest to him at this age. The last photo is one that Sunboy took of me, then edited. I like his artistic eye! What do you think?

Sunboy and Flowergirl in the periwinkle forest:2013-07-03 periwinkle forest Flowergirl Sunboy art photo

Sunboy finds a caterpillar friend:
Sunboy caterpillar art photo

New England fife and drum marching band, Independence Day (US) parade:
Nicest. Time Sunboy fife and drum July 4 independence day art photo

Antique firetruck, Independence Day (US) parade:
old firetruck independence day Sunboy art photo

Sunboy’s mommy:


2 thoughts on “Sunboy’s photo art

    1. Thanks, Natasha. He named the last photo “Mommy”. Made my heart so happy! A glimpse into his world.

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