epitaph for a oak tree

The waxing half-moon played in the branches of her oak tree one last time.
By the time the Moon is full, the tree will be gone.
moon plays in oak tree one last time

We don’t know why
you said goodbye,
you left a larger field of sky.

oak tree 1

They whittled you away
You fell in pieces
in a shower of wood
hawks were left circling
with no place to land.
found in your bark
I write a chapter
for one in seventy

oak tree 3 falling branch

Like an arrow
pointed to your destination
for a moment, you stood serenely
a monument to yourself
before falling to the rubble below
Fallen oak
I search the blueness
of new sky

oak tree toothpick

You will return in time.
A sapling bears your name.
oak tree 4

Grand old oak
an epitaph in the sky,
my uncle builds
a table

Our beloved oak tree wasn’t the same after Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012. It didn’t drop its leaves properly that autumn and this spring it didn’t grow new leaves at all. As its branches started dropping, we knew it was time to say goodbye.

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