We didn’t send Christmas cards this year, but here’s what our card insert might have said…

Overall, 2013 was a terrible year, but we cleared the dark corners, accepted some things we’d rather avoid and found a new place.

We both changed jobs. I finished writing my poetry book and became a regular contributor to Peaceful Daily. We celebrated ten years of marriage. My husband had back surgery. We discarded the remnants of a former time, and came closer to embracing the now. Flowergirl learned to write her name. Sunboy learned to play chess. We floated in a sensory deprivation tank for the first time.  We played in the river and gazed at the stars. We discovered our beloved Maine Coon kitty Morpheus has a cancerous growth and will soon become three-legged. We rounded the wagons and then defiantly opened our arms, in hope.

The work done in 2013 was difficult, but has brought us to a better place. The exception to this is Morpheus, whose fate is still in question (send prayers and positivity, please)…

I am choosing to see 2014 as the Waxing Crescent after the New Moon of 2013. I wish you all peace in the next phase of your journeys. As always, thank you for your kind engagement here and on twitter (note the name change).

Remember: Everything is built from remnants of what was. So, yes, you can build from it, again.

Morpheus kitty cat in bed 4

12 thoughts on “2013

  1. i am sending warm wishes to kitty, and keeping thoughts alive for all of us next year.

          1. I’ll be thinking healthy-fluffy thoughts. Tonight, my little guy got a new bed to give him needed space for his leg. We cuddled and laughed while watching Guy Fieri on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. We’ve gotten so close despite all this loss. May the glow of hope meet you all on NYE <3 Love always for you, Kat.

  2. Oh poor Morphy :( Prayers that he’ll have a long happy three-legged life and that 2014 will be wonderful for your whole family!

    1. Thank you, Barbie. Morpheus’ surgery on NYE fits with the terrible theme. Wishing you, O and the girls all the best in the new year! We need to skype again xo

  3. I’m hopeful the new year will bring joy to us all, my friend. Good riddance to 2013 and here’s to looking on the brighter side. Cheers.

    1. Thank you so much. NYE is the New Moon too, which means that January 1st waxes with the new year. Wishing you and your family health and peace in 2014!

  4. You have done well Kat. You and your family dealt with a lot of stuff! Here’s wishing you a beautiful and healthy 2014. Morphy will be in my prayers, he will bounce back I am sure.

    1. I appreciate your positivity and kind comment so much, Anita! Wishing you and sweet M all the best in the new year x

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