In remembrance of Morpheus Proudfoot

I sit to write about you, cat,
in bed, but you won’t come…

a soft arc from the floor below
lands next to me, my head –
a pause, the paws, to find a spot
then flop beside, and warm,
a willful purring pillow
for heavy head or arm
then sniff to wash my ears instead

…today I nap alone

Your ra-rowr di-syllabic call,
ten days ago, treats pounced and thrown,
the grabbing with your mouser paw,
opposable cat-thumb

…sweet days of fur and tail

Now you rest with apple wood
near lilac, holly, where you ran
when slipped out from the dining door
my Morpheus Proudfoot,

…no more

We come from nothingness, unbodied,
birth will borrow everything.
Life expands itself with living,
when days are done, we’re asked for more –
the excess that we build, soon flooded,
difference kept with those who mourn
I will remember you, for you

…and for me

Morpheus Celestius Proudfoot
beloved companion and unique kitty
August 2, 2002 – December 31, 2013

Oct 2013
Oct 2013

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