The fullness and the lack

– the jigsaw puzzle with one piece missing
– the white fuzz on a black shirt.
– the Gibbous Moon, so close to being a perfect circle, but not quite…

Our minds naturally notice what is missing or imperfect. We want to recognize regular shapes and patterns to make sense of the world. We seek order in the seemingly random. When something falls short, we are drawn to the lack – to flaws that disrupt the sense of completeness or perfection. It tugs on the mind. So close, so close…


moon - colors invertedIt may help to think of life as a photo. Flip the contrast to show the inverse world, one where we see the fullness rather than the lack. And so much is full, even when it falls short:

– a home with all of its quirks and challenges, still everything, still home
– a child after a complicated pregnancy, and the child after that
– the circuitous path of self-discovery, unfolding as delicate onion (tears and all)
– a place to be, the culmination of life up to this moment, the value of the past
– the future path that wants to unfold in its own time


beautiful to the bee inverted colors

Blessings are everything they need to be, at the time they need to be.

Love grows with the quirks, the deviations that make a person unique. Imperfections speak of a journey and confer individualized beauty to the one who bears them. Just ask the Moon. It is perfection of a higher order.

The heart is home. The mind is adventure. The heart and the mind each live a journey. If you’re lucky, the paths meet. The mind notices the lack but the heart sees the fullness.

Wisdom is a shy cat that sits in my lap when I stop paying attention to it. It likes to arrive at unexpected times. In a business meeting, someone said, “If it’s not a deal-breaker, let it be.” I wrap the words carefully and bring them home.

Life is iterative. Not everything comes at once, or comes at all. Faith is knowing that the things that belong to you are already yours. Each seeds will grow to bear its own fruit, if nurtured.

The imperfection and the lack are not deal-breakers. The Gibbous Moon still lights the sky and casts shadows the same. Don’t discredit the 99% full because of the 1% lack. It’s what makes the Moon more interesting than a perfect circle.

The day led to many places, but the night circled back to me. And I found a fullness that included the lack, the way life’s perfection is.

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