The home of my heart

I traveled recently, and of course I missed my family terribly. These precious people are so many things. They are their own individual manifestations of life. They are touchstones for the love I feel for them. They collaborate with me in the ongoing expression and evolution of our mutual love. When we are apart, they continue and I continue, but the touchstone of them is absent. Even so, our mutual love evolves, only at a distance.

These touchstones of them – a shared hug, a smile, the way they do things in their individual ways – are rooted in my heart. Although they express themselves to many people, it is within me that these things are wrapped in love and transformed into something magical. Love is a filter that reveals the preciousness of people.

I carry my family in the home of my heart. The heart holds the memories of love, and is the rich ground from which love grows.

wpid-20140412_Sunboy Flowergirl hug

One thought on “The home of my heart

  1. Your children are beautiful Kat. I know precisely what you feel. A day away from my child and I feel like I have removed a piece of me. To feel whole again, I need to come back and while I do that, i constantly keep watching her videos on my phone. Thank God for technology

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