The Girl Who Stopped Running

It began like a see-saw balanced on its fulcrum.

One might say it could have gone either way, but if you knew the whole story,
you would say – NOT REALLY.

Soon, inevitably, circumstances slid downward like sand on a hill.

When the girl surveyed the situation, she started climbing against the momentum of it.

The climbing made her strong, but it took years for the girl to feel her power.

Even after she had escaped, she didn’t realize it. So even though there was nothing left to climb, she ran.

She ran and ran.

She found paths laid by others and adeptly navigated their trails.

And then, one day, she stopped.

She realized where she was and smiled.

She saw how silly it is to not realize how far she had come.

How silly it is to run from shadows.

How silly it is to follow paths drawn on maps.

She could find her own way. Plot her own destination.

She no longer needed to run, so she sat down.

Right here.

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