The possibility of her

She asks to put on her doctor outfit. She listens to my heart, gives me a shot, starts a medical chart for me, asking how to spell Mommy. At 4-years old, she is fascinated by the body. What is this part called, she asks, pointing to her calf. What would happen if we didn’t have bones in our foot? I would not be surprised if she studied medicine some day.
Doctor flowergirl 20140416_135316-1.jpg

Earlier today, she asked to wear tights and a skirt. Then she twirled and twirled. I was struck by how naturally she wore the persona of a ballerina. With her love of music, I would not be surprised if she became a dancer some day.

She is pluripotent, able to be so many things. She is limitless, with no paths chosen, and no paths denied. She does not yet lean like a tree forever branching toward one view of the Sun.
She will continue where I left off.

(Happy 4th birthday, Flowergirl. I love you and I like you!)

Ballerina flowergirl -20140415_082706.jpg

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