Relationships described in one sentence

Descriptions of relationships and individuals, about anyone and about no one.
How would you capture a relationship in a sentence?

  • The time you offered to drive my car across a desert, did you know it would be a metaphor for the rest of our lives?
  • You hold a light so bright that the rest of us sometimes become singed in the brilliance of it.
  • We were both without siblings and in that loneliness we each found a sister.
  • The time you said you didn’t want to care for us placed a shadow over the times you did.
  • Yours was the relationship I was most afraid to have, and in the end it was the relationship that clarified everything.

dollhouse family

  • If you had been born in a different body, how might you, your personality, have been different?
  • In the “what-ifs” about us, the “what” was as much in question as the “if”.
  • You thought I wanted to be like you, which only showed how little you understood what I wanted.
  • We were two children, really, the first childhood for both of us, decades apart, which left no room for an adult.
  • You were genuine and true, and in that warmth I could open the heart of myself.
  • The things you saw in me were about my filters. The things you never saw in me were about yours.
  • We were an unlikely pair, and the surprise of us made me have faith in the wonderful, unpredictable nature of the universe. Partaking in the promise of magic means letting go.


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