Pulling Down the Sun

I have a new youtube channel, called (appropriately) SongsOfKat! The first entry is a video of me reading a short poem called “Pulling Down the Sun” from my book Moon Full of Moons.

I love this poem. It’s about letting go of old paradigms to find the power within.

I’m excited to share it with you, even if it feels very public and exposed for a comfortable introvert like me! I’m thinking of making more videos like this. What do you think? Thanks for watching!

UPDATE: I plan to read more poems on my site! Subscribe to my channel HERE.

4 thoughts on “Pulling Down the Sun

    1. xo K… thanks you. I really feel that it’s a message I want to share, in addition to the poetry. Still, sharing it on YouTube is interesting! I’m going to read others on the site. So happy a copy will find its way to you, my friend! Thank you.

  1. I love this, kat. Seeing you read your beautiful poem adds so much to it. I’d love to see you do more like this.

    Ordering your book this friday. I’m excited to read it!

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