poems published in Hedgerow Journal for Small Poems online

Hedgerow 10 (2014):

holding hands:
the moonlit woman
and the girl
with the sun in her heart —
I show myself the world

Hedgerow 11 (2014):

morning bird
sings its song
it knows no other song
to sing
no other bird
sings it
the world is made
in a new way

my birth place
a distant memory —

Hedgerow 22 (2015):

turtle path she found her way home

(I love this deceptively simple one-line haiku. At first I think about how a turtle is slow – how long it must have taken her to find home! And then I realize that a turtle, in a sense, carries her home with her. It’s just that she didn’t realize she was already home.)

Hedgerow 23 (2015):

each story
sparks to the surface
in spurts
most of the time
I’m just living

winter tree silhouette

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