I used to receive moons…

People used to send me photos of the Moon. I would write imaginative tweets about riding the Crescent Moon or express my disappointment that a glorious Full Moon was hidden behind clouds. I would smile and smile as lovely moon photos were sent to my timeline. We enjoyed the Moon together, united under the same sky.

Now that my book is out, I receive photos of Moon Full of Moons in people’s homes. I didn’t think anything could be better than receiving a photo of the Moon as a random act of kindness, but this is very special. The book release felt a bit like sending children into the world. The MFOM photos were like postcards home that shared each child’s new life. I’ve collated a few below. Look at the wonderful lives they are leading!

Gratitude to those who are reading the book and those who sent a postcard home! My heart is happy in the completion of the circle. Thank you for completing it!

mfom collage-May2015


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